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And the winner is …

Først en tak til alle dem, der har sendt svar ind på spørgsmålene fra i går. Knap 50 havde taget udfordringen op og langt de fleste har svaret rigtigt. Håber ikke, at det var for let? Jeg kan se, at … Continue reading

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Hr. Frosts julekalender

Velkommen til endnu en låge af Hr. Frosts julekalender. For nu, at det ikke skal være kode det hele, har jeg sammensat et par enkelte spørgsmål, som enhvert nørd – med respekt for sig selv – burde kunne svare på. … Continue reading

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Family Gathering

My sister and her family are coming to Denmark next week. This is going to be the first time in almost two years we are going to see them, and it is going to be great! The kids are really … Continue reading

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Laying on those kilometers

I finally did it. It has been too long, and right now, I am sore as hell. I am talking about the distance of my run today. Ever since “loosing” the front ligament in my left knee last December I … Continue reading

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Working from home

Working from home from time to time is one of the benefits I really enjoy. My daily commute is around an hour each way, and even though I can fill this time with podcasts and audio books, it is nice … Continue reading

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Sonos Multi-Room Music System

I love music. Unfortunately I do not play an instrument  myself, but I enjoy listening (contrary to football/socker, music is not like sex: fun to participate in, but dull to look at). For many years the family collection has been … Continue reading

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I have always had a passion for good food or rather gourmet food and the cooking of such. Ever since high school, where I was able to seduce my female classmates with dishes like Coniglio alla Provenzale, Osso Buco or … Continue reading

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Dev Days Aarhus 2009

I am going to attend Dev Days in Århus tomorrow, organized by Århus .NET User Group (www.anug.dk). Enough praise cannot go to the people from aung who put these events together. Come over and say ‘hi’ if you are around; … Continue reading

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