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Mike Cohn on Leading a Self-Organizing Team

Wednesday 8 December I will be attending a “go home meeting” featuring the Scrum expert Mike Cohn. Really looking forward to it, as Mr. Cohn is one of the big names in this racket. From his own description: One of the … Continue reading

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Pythagorean proof

I recently wrote a blog post on beautiful mathematics. Mathematics can be beautiful or pleasing in many ways, one of them being if the proof is elegant. Apparently one of the theorems for which the greatest number of proofs exists … Continue reading

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Personal Backup Solution

Just read a nice blog post by @4nd3rs (in Danish) about his considerations about online backups; what to use and local vs. remote backup. In the following I will try to describe my own setup. It has been a work … Continue reading

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Playing with LaTeX

Just learned that the plug-in I use to format has an option that lets you control the size of the formula when using displaystyle. Have to try it. with the coefficients Beautiful.

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Laying on those kilometers

I finally did it. It has been too long, and right now, I am sore as hell. I am talking about the distance of my run today. Ever since “loosing” the front ligament in my left knee last December I … Continue reading

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Beautiful Mathematics

While reading an article on the General Unified Theory, I came across a reference to what the author considered beautiful mathematical equations. It got me thinking: what would I consider beautiful math? I must confess right away, that it has … Continue reading

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