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Dependency Injection in .NET by Mark Seemann

Yesterday I received the eBook of Dependency Injection in .NET, written by my good friend Mark aka @ploeh. I had the pleasure of serving as technical proofreader during production, hence the early edition. If you have not already read it … Continue reading

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HowTo: Install a SQL failover cluster (in a virtual lab environment)

I have a couple of times had to set up a SQL Server cluster, both at clients and in my own lab. At clients the underlying Windows cluster setup is often handled by their own infrastructure people, so this is seldom … Continue reading

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More on Grooming IIS Logs

I previously blogged about how to delete blob entries older than a given date. I have extended the script slightly to first download entries, zip then and upload them again to another storage container, before actually doing the removal. Before … Continue reading

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