Sonos Multi-Room Music System

I love music. Unfortunately I do not play an instrument  myself, but I enjoy listening (contrary to football/socker, music is not like sex: fun to participate in, but dull to look at).

For many years the family collection has been fully digitalized. We buy music on iTunes or rip the CDs we buy and place them on the shared net disc.

To get the full use of all these music files, without having to use a computer, I bought a Sonos Multi-Room Music System last year. It is one of the best investments I have made in a long time. Apart from being able to hear all your music wireless in any room, control it all from either the Controller or you iPhone/Touch, it also interfaces with tons of internet services and other input devices, such as your DAB radio. You can, of course, play different music in the different “zones” or you can play the same in all of them, if you throw a party. You can even turn down the volume in your kids rooms, if you think they are playing to loud. Excellent feature 🙂

The form-factor is also really nice. If you have a pair of active speakers, like some of the cool ones from Scandyna, the size of the unit is only 13x14x10 cm. And because you don’t need line-of-sight to control it, you can store in an a cupboard or draw or behind the books on a shelve.

Initially you would choose one of two versions of the ZonePlayer, depending of wether or not is had a build in amplifier or not. In other words you had to “add” speakers or maybe hook it up to your existing stereo system. Sonos has just announced a new unit, the S5, where everything is included, so you just plug it into the power socket and you are ready to rock and roll. So cool for e.g. the kitchen or mudroom, where you don’t need the full power of external speakers.

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