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Guide to staying safe during a hacker conference

Some weeks back Microsoft held its bi-annual technical conference. This time, however, the event was moved from Seattle to Las Vegas and it happened to run right into when hackers were coming to Vegas for DefCon, the famed hacker convention … Continue reading

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Continuous deployment of Azure Service Fabric Application

I’m doing a fair amount of work where the backend is made up using a Azure Service Fabric Application. Setting up a continuous build and deployment pipeline in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) I ran into the following problem when … Continue reading

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Start Windows8 in Desktop

Tired of Windows 8 starting up in Metro? Is your first action to switch to Desktop after starting up? Worry no more! If you set a registry key, you can control if Windows 8 should boot in Desktop rather than … Continue reading

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More on TFS and xUnit

In my previous post on TFS and xUnit I tried to describe how to get the unit testing framework xUnit to work with TFS. I have got a couple of comments about not being able to get things to work. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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HowTo: Team Foundation Server and xUnit

For quite some time I have been doing TDD and Continuous Integration (CI), both in my private projects as well as my professional ones. My preferred unit testing framework is xUnit and I recently had to set this up with Team … Continue reading

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HowTo: Install a SQL failover cluster (in a virtual lab environment)

I have a couple of times had to set up a SQL Server cluster, both at clients and in my own lab. At clients the underlying Windows cluster setup is often handled by their own infrastructure people, so this is seldom … Continue reading

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From the Trenches: SQL Cluster Installation

I recently had to install a SQL Server 2008 R2 cluster at a client. My previous experience was, that once the underlying Windows cluster and the shared storage, e.g. in form of a SAN have been set up, the installation … Continue reading

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Importing Data to SQL Server

I was recently asked to help a client migrate some data from IBM DB2 to SQL Server. It was about 900 tables and a couple of terabytes of data. Before I came onsite, the client had extracted the data from … Continue reading

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Working from home

Working from home from time to time is one of the benefits I really enjoy. My daily commute is around an hour each way, and even though I can fill this time with podcasts and audio books, it is nice … Continue reading

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Business Travels

It happens I meet people, harboring the notion that business travels are romantic. They believe you get to travel to far and exotic places, get to see mysterious cultures and eat different and unusual dishes. They could not be more … Continue reading

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