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On Remote Work

Back in February, Chris Herd (@chris_herd), CEO and Founder of FirstbaseHQ.com wrote a tweet on remote work. It turned out to be a fairly along thread sharing the findings from conversations with 2.000+ companies. I have summarized it below as … Continue reading

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What to read

One of the people I follow on Twitter (@hhariri) asked if anyone had any book recommendations. This is always a good question, but it did not contain any details whether he wanted fiction or non-fiction. I will – most likely … Continue reading

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Sonos Multi-Room Music System

I love music. Unfortunately I do not play an instrument  myself, but I enjoy listening (contrary to football/socker, music is not like sex: fun to participate in, but dull to look at). For many years the family collection has been … Continue reading

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I love books and I happened to marry a woman with the same passion, so between us we have quite a few; I have lost count, but somewhere between 3 and 4 thousand. I used to have them all cataloged, … Continue reading

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Today was the yearly cultural day and fair in our small town. Lene had a stand and was actually able to sell some of our junk … ups … I mean valuables we no longer have a need for 😉

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