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October 7th, 2009 No comments

I have always had a passion for good food or rather gourmet food and the cooking of such. Ever since high school, where I was able to seduce my female classmates with dishes like Coniglio alla Provenzale, Osso Buco or if time was scarce Pizza Gorgenzola, I have enjoyed the tranquility of preparing a gourmet meal for my friends and loved ones.

During my time studying economics at the University of Copenhagen, I have spend many evenings producing ‘physical stuff’ after spending the day with more or less abstract subjects within the fields of micro economics or game theory.

I will never reach the level of my good friend Mark – who actually cares if you should use blood oranges for sauce Maltaise or not – and these days, with screaming kids demanding ever increasing amounts of food, it is seldom that I actually have the time to engage in big gourmet productions. Once in a while, we do make time to cook and fill up the freezer with everything from spring rolls over lasagna to pirogues and frikadeller (Danish meat balls).

Bone Appétit.

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