Laying on those kilometers

I finally did it. It has been too long, and right now, I am sore as hell.

I am talking about the distance of my run today.

Ever since “loosing” the front ligament in my left knee last December I have had a hard time running more than 10 km (the exception was the 3 x 5 km I did at the DFH relay back in August). Today I did 17.

I am tired and sore, but in the muscles and not the knee(s) which is really, really good. The time was horrible (around 4:45/km on average), but it was good to be out more than an hour.

I hope I can keep this up, with one long stretch, a shorter one and one or two days with intervals each week. 3 times very week would be nice, 4 times great, but going into the dark season I do not have much hope. Will try though 🙂

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.NET developer/architect. Runner, espresso drinker and lover of gourmet food.
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3 Responses to Laying on those kilometers

  1. Mark Seemann says:

    Congrats! Your horrible time is pretty close to my happy time. Just did 8 km at 4:43/km, which is extremely good for me…

  2. strobaek says:

    Thanks, mate. I will bring my shoes along next time I am in Copenhagen, and we can run around the park together.

  3. Mark Seemann says:

    No way, dude, that would only be fun for you 😉

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