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On Remote Work

Back in February, Chris Herd (@chris_herd), CEO and Founder of wrote a tweet on remote work. It turned out to be a fairly along thread sharing the findings from conversations with 2.000+ companies. I have summarized it below as … Continue reading

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Microsoft Ignite and IoT

A new weeks ago, Microsoft Ignite took place in Orlando, Fl. I was – unfortunately – not able to attend myself, but have found a number of interesting sessions and announcements around IoT, which I thought others might be interested … Continue reading

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Guide to staying safe during a hacker conference

Some weeks back Microsoft held its bi-annual technical conference. This time, however, the event was moved from Seattle to Las Vegas and it happened to run right into when hackers were coming to Vegas for DefCon, the famed hacker convention … Continue reading

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Azure Machine Learning and Management REST API

I’m currently involved in an IoT project where we have to call a number of R-models hosted in Azure Machine Learning. This post is not about publishing the models and calling the endpoints; this is pretty straight forward. Rather this … Continue reading

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Continuous deployment of Azure Service Fabric Application

I’m doing a fair amount of work where the backend is made up using a Azure Service Fabric Application. Setting up a continuous build and deployment pipeline in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) I ran into the following problem when … Continue reading

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Death to the SLA

During my work I’m often asked what the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is for a given system. I’ve tried to summarize my reply in the following blog post. The SLA way of thinking works badly with cloud services and the … Continue reading

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Microsoft simplifies IoT and data analysis further

Next week is the yearly Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany. It is the main fair for manufacturing companies and their partners and Microsoft will, of course, have a strong present. I’m actually going this year and must say that I’m … Continue reading

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Simplifying IoT Architecture

I’ve been working with IoT projects for the last couple of years. A very common pattern is illustrated in the figure below: Your devices are sending in data. The Azure IoT hub is used as cloud gateway or ingestion point. … Continue reading

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Minecraft Management Code Example

A couple of years ago I wrote a blob post where I mentioned a small taskbar utility I had written to stop and start an Azure virtual machine. In the post I promised to put the code on GitHub. Well, … Continue reading

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Azure Management Libraries

This is the second blog post in the small series on experiences and learnings gained while setting up a Minecraft server for the kids. The first spoke primarily about Azure Automation, this one will touch upon the new .NET libraries … Continue reading

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