More on TFS and xUnit

In my previous post on TFS and xUnit I tried to describe how to get the unit testing framework xUnit to work with TFS.

I have got a couple of comments about not being able to get things to work. Unfortunately I have not had time to dive deep into why this may be so. It may well be because the description is flawed, for which I apologize.

A few observations:

  • Concerning NUnitTFS: apart from different arguments, it also seems like the functionality is different. Using the newest version I get the following error:

    However, using a previous (alpha) version all works as expected:

  • If you forget to define the endpoints in the NUnitTfs.exe.config-file you will get an error similar to the following:
  • Download the xaml and NUnitTFS I have used and try it out.


Using the InvokeProcess component (from the Toolbar) it should be possible to integrate any external tool into the workflow.

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