My new coffee grinder

I gave myself an early christmas present this year or to be completely honest, my wife told me, that I had just done so, when I told her, that I had bought “us” a Mahlkönig Vario coffee grinder.

I have previously written about my love of coffee and my dream of someday getting a proper espresso machine. If you want to make a good espresso, you basically need two items: the espresso machine itself and a grinder. I guess I’m half way now.

What espresso machine should it be then? When I inherit or win in Lotto I would still consider to buy the one group Linea or the GS/3 from La Marzocco in Florence or even better the Cyncra from Synesso in Seattle. As this is not likely to happen, the Vibiemme Domobar Junior in the dual boiler configuration is more within my reach and it has a really nice form factor, well suited for a private kitchen.

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