Love of Coffee

One thing I really enjoy is a good cop of coffee and especially if it is served as an espresso, it being a regular espresso, an espresso macchiato or a cafe latte.

Instead of trying to explain how to make a great espresso, please check out sites like CoffeeGeek or Risteriet. If you live around Copenhagen, Risteriet is the place to buy your equipment; those guys have forgot more about coffee that you will most likely ever know.

You can’t make a good espresso without a good grinder. I need a new one and this time I want one for life, so I am seriously considering the Mazzer Mini from Mazzer near Venezia in Italy. According to e.g. CoffeeKid and others it should be the best grinder ever made. It can, of course, be bought at Risteriet.

I would also like a new espresso machine. If money was not an issue I would consider the one group Linea or the GS/3 from La Marzocco in Florence or even better the Cyncra from Synesso in Seattle. Until I win in Lotto I will have to settle for something less fancy like a Vibiemme or an ECM.

A finale note: if you are ever in Århus, do not deny yourself the treat to visit Sigfreds Kaffebar in Ryesgade. They have the best coffee in town. As their bread is almost as good as their coffee Sigfreds have fast become my favorite breakfast place when visiting the city.

Updated: 21.01.2010

After doing some more research into which grinder to buy, I am not so certain about the Mazzer Mini anymore. Not that it is not an incredible grinder that will last a lifetime, but more that I have found an alternative, which should be just as good, even more versatile and at a better price. I am referring to the Baratza Vario. Not only is it extremely capable as an espresso grinder, but you can quickly switch grind settings, grinding for press. I haven’t found a retailer here in Denmark, but you can order it from the UK.

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