Review of book: RabbitMQ in Action

I was asked to do the 2nd review on the book RabbitMQ in Action by Videla & Williams (Manning Publications Co.). Link here for those interested. The book is currently available in MEAP.

RabbitMQ is an efficient, highly scalable, and easy-to-deploy queue that makes handling message traffic virtually effortless.

The book started out with a really nice historical overview of message queues. It then continued to walk through different aspects of Rabbit, giving good examples and real life stories. The prose flows nicely and the authors are quite capable of keeping ones attention.

One importing thing to note: this is a book primarily for the Unix gang. If you have never played around with Unix or Linux and Python you will most likely not be able to run the examples. I only got chapters 1 through 8 and later chapters does promise to introduce java and .NET and look at how to install and run Rabbit on other platforms, but I have not read those chapters yet, so I cannot say how they are.

This said, the book is still very recommendable for those interested in learning more about Rabbit.

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