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Until a year ago I did not have a personal computer. I mean, I had one, but it was not my own private box, but rather a laptop supplied by the company. It had been this way for ages; almost all my professional career. Then last year I finally bought one. A really nice iMac which I just love. It has so many nice features and if I need windows – which I do for all the professional stuff I do – I use Fusion, which works perfectly.

Anyway, one of the “build in” apps is photo booth, a small application using the build-in web cam to take pictures like you were sitting in a photo booth at the station or airport or mall or … My youngest was very fast in finding out the Mac had such an app and ever so often when I work, he comes in and “demands” that we take a few pictures.

Latest addition to the album 🙂

Dad vs. Son

Dad vs. Son

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