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Yet Another Code Snippet formatter

First some text. Then some code: [TestClass] public class MyTest { public MyTest() { } [TestMethod] public void Test() { // Fixture setup // Exercise system // Verify outcome Assert.Inconclusive(); // Teardown } } Then some more text:

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Code Test, Take 2

This is a test of formatted code: public CompleteStorageService(string connectionString, string fileName) { if (connectionString == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("connectionString"); } if (fileName == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("fileName"); } this.connectionString = connectionString; this.fileName = fileName; this.syncLock = new … Continue reading

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Today was the yearly cultural day and fair in our small town. Lene had a stand and was actually able to sell some of our junk … ups … I mean valuables we no longer have a need for 😉

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Formatting code

I’m trying to find the best plugin for formatting the code.

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